Vocabulary for skating on natural ice
Ice attributes and related words





Ice movement, e.g. due to wind pressing the ice toward a shore.
Moderate movement: isskjutning
Severe movement:
jään ahtauma
pressure ridge
Formed when the ice warms up and expands, and it has nowhere to go but up or down. Usually it goes up and makes a ridge, but sometimes it gets pushed underwater instead. Either way it's a dangerous spot for skaters.
råk, vråk
Going up: uppåtråk
Going down: nedåtråk
ahtorailo ylös
ahtorailo alas
Ice on a pressure ridge going downwards.
"frusen nedåtråk" jäätynyt railo kistwerk
High ridge with pack-ice
packisvall ?? rand van pakijs
fissure, crack
Dangerous if your skate gets caught in a crack. The skate can get stuck and during the fall you can break your leg.
spricka halkeama scheur
Fissures in the ice formed from waves in the ice. Appears sometimes near the ice edge towards open water.
sving jäälaine ??
ice edge
The ice border to open water.
iskant jääreuna ijsrand
Ice edge towards open water covered with ice formed from water from wavesplashes. Becomes good skating area when there is snow on the ice.
svallkant paannereuna ??
floe, ice floe
A big piece of ice, e.g. floating in water.
isflak jäälautta schotsen
Slightly higher lying ice along the shore, usually 2-3 meter wide. Sometimes the only skateable part of a watermass.
landkall rantajää landstrook
Open water between two ice areas.
råk railo rak
General word for opening in the ice, e.g. after someone as sawed and taken up ice.
vak avanto wak
drain hole, octopus hole
Hole in the ice formed from water running from the ice.
slukhål valumareikä watergat
Hole in ice formed from currents under the ice.
fräthål (ruttet)
fräthål (strömm)
wind opening
Hole in the ice formed by wind keeping it open.
vindbrunn tuuliavinto windwak