Vocabulary for skating on natural ice





skates skridskor
Swedish spoken in Finland: skrinnskor
luistimet schaatsen
speed-skates hastighetsskridskor pikaluistimet noren
clapskates, slabskate, hinged skate
Skate with foot only holding at the front (i.e. loose at the heel)
klappskridskor, skridskor med lös häl kärkisideluistimet? klapschaats
Wooden skates with a long leather strap as binding
gillbergare kilperiläiset houten noren
trip skates
Skates to be used with boots (e.g. telemark boots). Easy to take on and off [Sweden].
långfärdsskridskor retkiluistimet kluunschaatsen, zweedse kluunschaatsen
Wooden skates used by children to learn skating
?? puuluistimet Age 6-8: Friese doorlopers
Age 4-6: Blokschaatsen
double blades
Childrens skates with double irons
?? ?? dubbele ijzers
Skates with weels, with weels placed in a row
inlines, rullskridskor rullaluistimet 4 wheels: inline-schaats
5 wheels: skeeler
Chair used for support when learning to skate [The Netherlands]
?? ?? leunstoel
ice testing pole
Stick for feeling the thickness of ice
Thick pole (approx. 3 cm in diameter) with stepped point: ispik
Thin pole (approx 0.5 cm in diameter): issond
jääpiikki stok
ice nails, bear claws, ice prods, ice studs
Sharp things for pulling your self up from the water if you have plunged
isdubbar long version: jäänaskalit
short version: naskalit
ijsprikkers, ijspriemen
?? ispik jääpiikki ??
?? issond jääsondi ??
?? isbila tuura ??
rescue rope
Rope to throw to someone who has plunged
livlina heittoköysi, pelastusköysi reddingstouw
backpack ryggsäck reppu rugzak
?? grenrem haararemmi  
whistle visselpipa vihellyspilli, pilli fluitje
elbow caps
Protects your elbows in case you fall
armbågsskydd kyynärpääsuoja, käsivarsisuoja elleboogbeschermers
knee caps
Protects your knees in case you fall
knäskydd polvisuoja kniebeschermers
map karta kartta kaart
compass kompass kompassi kompas
first aid kit förbandspåse, förstahjälpen ensiapulaukku eerste hulpspullen
band aid plåster laastari pleister
wound sår haava wond
?? benbrott luunmurtuma ??
?? hjärnskakning aivotärähdys ??