Vocabulary for skating on natural ice
About this vocabulary

The idea behind this vocabulary is to help people from different countries interested in ice skating on natural waters to communicate with each other and understand each other. It is a result from contributions from a number of people in Sweden, Finland, Holland and USA. You are free to use this vocbulary in any way you like as long as you do it without commersial interests. The volcabulare my not be used for your own economical interest!

The following persons have been contributing to this vocabulary:

English: Erik Enfors, Alice C.P. Gee, Jamie Hess and Krister Valtonen.
Swedish: Erik Enfors, Ulf Helmersson and Krister Valtonen.
Finnish: Mikael Laitinen, Mikael Sundman and Krister Valtonen.
Dutch: Alice C.P. Gee, Fred Geers, Johan Grootveld and Rob Mulders.

The english column contains, beside the english word, also a short explanition of the word and, in some cases, the orginating country (in square brackets).

You can also check out the SSSK skating dictionary (Swedish - English only) at: http://www.sssk.se/english/dictionary.htm