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Trip skating -långfärdsskridskor- might interest an international audience. In parts of Scandinavia you may be able to skate on natural ices in the winter. The most common area is marked on the map.

Skating on natural ices is a growing outdoor activity in Sweden. The frozen lakes, channels and the sea affects people of all ages.

The county of Östergötland in Sweden is well suited for skating on natural ices. We have a lot of good waters that will freeze in the winter. Usually we don't get that much snow and often the snow that eventually will fall soon melts due to rain. If the snow doesn't melt, there will be open waters on larger lakes or on the sea that can freeze. Take a look at a map covering our "home waters".

The dark green area is county of Östergötland. The "uplighted" area is where you can expect good oportunities to skate in the wintertime.

Unfortunately most of the information on this site is in Swedish. You may look at a few pictures by following the links at this page.